Which sports are best for novices in sports betting?

Sports betting is a fun activity that many people partake in. It has been a sport for as long as there have been sports. Whether it is a casual wager between friends or a significant gamble with a bookmaker, it has long been a fun pastime. 

In the realm of gambling, sports betting is regarded as a fantastic place for newcomers to start to get comfortable with everything. But which sporting events should a novice sports bettor pick to wager on? 

We have included certain sports in this list that are excellent for someone new to sports betting.


Football, or soccer to Americans, is one of the most well-liked sports in the entire globe. Playing, watching, and placing bets on it are fascinating. 

Football's huge global appeal is one reason why it's a wonderful sport to start sports betting with. You will still be familiar with the fundamental rules of the sport even if you don't regularly watch or play the sport. 

The Football API, which is accessible on the Sport Monks website, is just one example of the several sports APIs that can access detailed information about the teams, players, and other factors that are leveraged by sports betting apps. 

With that API, a lot of information about Football teams, games, and more will be readily available, simplifying your sports betting. 

Widgets are also available on the website, if you are looking to create your own sports betting app then check out Football Widget Sportmonk you can check them out and read more about them.

Horseback racing

Horse racing is another popular sport for wagering. People frequently place bets on horses they believe will win in movies and television shows. 

Well, everyone may enjoy themselves by placing a wager on a horse race; it's not just for wealthy people! It's a fairly simple sport to gamble on, and much like in football, where it's crucial to research the players, researching the horses is essential before placing your bets in horse racing.


Another physical sport that is frequently used in sports betting is this one. Since boxing is so action-packed, the thrill will never fade, and just like other sports, you can wager on a variety of various parts of it. 

You can wager on who you believe will win if the other person loses, or whether a draw will occur. Boxing has fairly simple rules, so someone new to sports betting who has no prior knowledge of the sport will feel comfortable starting with it.


Although basketball isn't as popular throughout the world, it's a terrific sport to gamble on if you're new to sports betting. When betting on basketball, there are certain laws you should be aware of as well as player strengths and weaknesses you should consider. However, in the end, it all boils down to who has the most points. 

Basketball is a great place for new sports bettors to start.

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