Why Positive Self-Talk is Important in Fight Against Addiction

Depending on your attitude and desire, you can be encouraged or discouraged on your journey to quit smoking. This means that how you talk to yourself when no one else is around matters. Regardless of your struggles, it s important that you must ensure you remain focused and determined. Negative self-talk should not have room in your recovery journey. You do not need to discourage yourself when all the odds are against you. But how does negative self-talk even happen?

Examples of Negative Self-Talk in Addiction Recovery


Not many people know they are negative self-taking when they should always be positive. This is because such discouraging self-conversations happen without conscious knowledge. Moreover, examples of negative self-talk are normally subtle and easy to ignore.

1. Telling yourself you are not worthy of recovery. This kills your motivation and dampens your self-esteem. Consequently, you will not be moved to make the hard decision to be better or even fight to overcome the challenges in the journey.

2. Telling yourself there is no point in trying. This already sounds like someone who is discouraged and tired of the entire process even before it commences. Such negative self-talk robs you of the power to make necessary adjustments because you see no point in everything.

3. Admitting that recovery is not meant for you but other people. This is the biggest defeatist mentality you can ever have. Seeing the good reward as belonging to others and not yourself shows someone ready to give up and not fight for the better. You must stop disempowering yourself and start seeing yourself as worth it.

4. Convincing yourself that no one likes you. The problem is that your current behavior may repulse people as an addict. However, this does not mean you ought to internalize such things. Instead, consider finding alternatives that encourage change to attract the right people into your life.

5. Telling yourself that the mindset of doing anything you put your mind to is not for you. This is like shooting yourself in the foot. You are already beginning at a negative and will have much to conquer before reaching your goal. You must be open-minded and ready to improve before you can even begin. Believe in the possibility of beating your addiction first.

6. Telling yourself you aren't good enough. Like all other negative self-talk, this only confirms that you accept being small and will not do anything to change that.

7. Telling yourself that you can't follow through. This is a discouraging statement. Even if you anticipate hurdles, you must encourage yourself to remain strong from start to finish.

8. Telling result that your life will never change for the better. No one needs to talk to themselves in this manner. It will be hard, but that does not mean it is impossible. You have to believe it to achieve it.

9. Telling yourself you will not be perfect. Aiming for perfection is setting yourself up for failure. Make sure not to follow this path, as you may be disappointed and fall off along the way.

10. My opinion doesn't matter. You have to make yourself heard and appreciated. Do not start by demeaning your voice.

Positive self-talk can do a lot of good when deciding to fight addiction. Be encouraging and push yourself to be better. Do all it takes to keep a positive mindset and you will succeed. Also hang around supportive people only.
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