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The apostille attestation services provide one with the attestation required for documents such as birth, death, marriage, power of attorney, affidavits, etc. Apart from these personal documents, it is also done for educational documents such as matriculation, secondary level certificate, etc. These attestations are accepted and approved by almost as many as 105 countries that belong to the Hague Convention of October 1961. Under this, it was decided that legalizing foreign documents would be abolished, and the attestation method shall be adopted.

Know the procedure of attestations

In this process, the attested documents which have the attestation from one country can be and shall be accepted by all other countries of the Hague convention. This is a boon for those students who travel to various countries for various courses or as part of their coursework. It saves them from going through the hectic task of getting their documents attested repeatedly.

As mentioned above, those who desire to pursue a course outside the country must have to get their documents attested. The procedures for doing it are as follows:-

·         various websites are approved or are made available by the government where one can go to book their attestation services. These mea apostille services are provided by the Ministry of External Affairs. The website the citizens of India have to visit is known as the e-Sanad.

·         Then, the candidate has to upload all the required documents and pay the charged fees required to avail of the services. The e-providers set the fees.

·         These documents further undergo verification by the Department of Internal Affairs, General Administration Department, Government of India. This is the third step that one has to follow to get their documents attested successfully.

·         Then, these documents undergo verification by the Ministry of External Affairs. These documents are digitally signed documents.

·         After the final process, the attested documents are sent to the applicant.

·         These fees charged by the government of India are 50/- for each document.

·         These documents are not submitted by the applicant but by the agencies appointed for this purpose.

·         The agencies also allow their fees to the candidate looking for attestation.

Be it any documents, such as personal or official, these documents can be easily attested with the help of the E- Sanad services.

More about the attestation services

It is important to note that these documents should be available in the digital repository for the appropriate authority to inspect them. The applicant must contact or approach the Regional Authentication Centres if these documents are not authorized or accepted. With the help of this agency, they get to upload their documents again, which are then submitted to the responsible agencies. Then these outsourced agencies are responsible for attesting the documents, verifying them, or getting them apostilled. The apostille is generally done on the backside of all the documents.

These divine after attestation is valid for a long time and are accepted any time after the process of attestation is successfully done and can be further used.

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