Being Prepared for Common Challenges as a Professional Mom

You’re Going to Have Unexpected Difficulties

In May of 2022, a baby formula shortage hit the United States hard. Ostensibly the roots fo this shortage can be traced back to February, but who knows. One thing is sure: if you didn’t believe breastfeeding was the best option before, now it might be your only realistic alternative. Thankfully, breastfeeding is healthier; but it’s hard to do at work.

This is an example of a clear challenge you’re likely facing as a parent today; especially if you’re a working mom. What’s the next difficulty? An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure. With winter, there’s danger, and there’s beauty. 

There’s work, and there’s fun. For each driveway you shovel, there’s a snowball fight. For every shiver a frosted window-painting from Jack Frost. Parenthood is similar, and getting through it will similarly depend on your overall attitude. 

This is especially true if you are a mom who is also professionally involved in a career. To support your career, it’s integral that you plan in advance for situations you can’t control. 

1. Lactation

First: in a time when formula is at an all-time low in the USA, be sure you won’t have any troubles lactating. Even if you know what you’re doing, blocked milk ducts, sore paps, nipple injuries, mastitis, and milk expression problems can occur. Find professional medical help, like that of a Nest Collaborative lactation consultant expert.

2. Unexpected Illness or Injury

Adults get unexpectedly ill all the time. Even if you’re in your fifties, you might run out the house to close the windows on a jeep in the rain, get caught by a dog leash, trip, and shatter a hip. Insurance will help with recovery, but what about lost mobility? Similarly, children can get as sick or hurt as you. They can break legs or arms, they can get respiratory infections.

You need to have funds, healthcare, and childcare options available. A support network can help you find all these things in one spot. Also, take the advice of your own parents. They can save you a mountain of trouble. They might be a bit behind the times and/or awkward, but they can assist you in getting your mind in the right place for your child’s sake.

3. Financial Difficulties

Parenthood is always expensive. See if your current occupation offers maternal advantages. Prepare meals at home. Find hand-me-down clothes. Carpool. Work with other parents for childcare and the like. Cut every penny you can safely. 

Don’t neglect yourself or your children, but you might spend as much as $500 a month you don’t need to; turn that into childcare.

Meeting the Challenges of Parenthood

Financial difficulties, unexpected illness or injury, and assistance in nursing represent key considerations for the new mom. If you’re professional, your flexibility with these complications is substantially reduced. Bear that in mind, and plan accordingly.

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