5 tips to dress up for Christmas party – 2021

Christmas is the time for parties and gatherings. There may be family gatherings, office parties and community get-togethers. Some events may have a relaxed dress code, some may be formal and some may require formal outfits. But there are cases when the dress code isn’t specified. Then there are day parties, night parties and it can be a task to figure out the outfit. What do you do in such cases? Here are some tips to dress for that Christmas party, that you have been waiting for.

Fun and conservative

If you are attending an office or community party then it is best t keep it conservative. It is time for you to shine but you must consider the audience. It is ok to show your super sexy side when you go clubbing, but you must be more considerate when going to an office gathering. It doesn’t mean the outfit is boring, it can be fun. Low cut tops or too short skirts don’t really fit in. Sometimes in a family gathering too, such clothes can attract disapproving stares from relatives. Dress comfortably and feel confident in what you are wearing. You can wear fitting clothes, some lace and heels and still look good.


Accessorize all you want and more when going for a Christmas party. You can wear party jewellery – chunky necklaces, cocktail rings, chandelier earrings and all baubles you want to wear. For office parties, you may want to tone down a bit, but necklaces, bracelets and rings will still be ok. You could wear special jewellery gifted to you or something you bought - lab diamond rings or gold bracelets are a top favourite. You can also wear props too – reindeer ears, Santa hat – all of this is great for family and community gatherings.


The golden rule while dressing for Christmas is layering. The winter season is unpredictable at best and all of a sudden, the weather could flip. If you layer up, then you can shed them when it is warm or you can keep them on if it gets too cold. If you prepare for cold weather and the party moves indoors then you may sweat. And if you prepare for an indoor event and the party moves out then you would be frigid. Layering can help solve this problem.

THE Sweater

At every Christmas party, there is the use of THE Christmas sweater. They are warm and comfy and many times have been knit by hand. It is a fun and festive look – not necessarily stylish. But it endows the Christmas spirit and depicts that the holidays are on! These sweaters have pastel colours or Christmas colours of green and red. They can be worn over anything and may have patterns related to Christmas – snowflakes, snowman, reindeers, Christmas tree etc. You can also give such sweaters as a surprise gift for Christmas.


It is party time and you can wear any colour you want. You don’t have to stick to simple, sober shades. Go all out with bright reds, greens and purples. There is literally no limit on the colour chart you can use.

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