Crazy homemade laptop creations

Interesting things are occurring all the time in the world of laptops, from surprising innovations to the creative repurposing of old systems. With the technology evolving constantly and rapidly, there is ample opportunity for tech-savvy and inventive people to rummage around cash for laptops stores and gather materials for projects.

In this article, we explore some of the craziest homemade laptop creations, looking at what people have built in their own homes from repurposed technology.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with any of the mentioned brands and we do not recommend disassembling computers without electrical training. 

Wii laptop

This is one of the most unusual builds we’ve seen in a while! A Nintendo Wii was successfully converted into a portable laptop.

The builder describes this project as requiring some electrical knowledge to complete and says that it is “not for the faint of heart”.

This machine was built by a schoolboy who was tired of his hour-long daily bus ride and wanted to create some entertainment for himself.

He designed and built a self-contained battery for the device so that it could be played for up to 3 hours without needing to be plugged in, though it can also be plugged into a wall and TV and used as a regular Wii.

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Xbox One laptop

Another gaming console conversion, this Xbox One laptop is an impressive creation by a man named Eddie Zarick, who converts consoles into computers regularly.

This is what Mr. Zarick does for a living, he creates these wild and wonderful machines for paying customers online.


This is a much more professional job and likely safer to use than the previous build, and this Xbox laptop is capable of 1080p resolution, with 1TB of storage.

However, this device has to be plugged into a wall to operate, so it’s not really a laptop at all. But due to the extreme power demands of the Xbox One, this was the only option available to the builder.

Cardboard touchscreen laptop

Now, this is probably the weirdest creation on the list: a touch screen laptop made with cardboard casing.

This device was put together using multiple individual components and is not a converted console like the other examples.

Capable of loading Minecraft and other games, this impressive invention operates mostly like a normal laptop, and the most interesting cost less than 100$ to build.

You can learn more about this build by watching the creator’s video.

Windows 10 Pocket PC

Made using a 3D printer, this awesome pocket-sized laptop design is potentially the most unique on the list.

Many laptops claim to be compact, but the Windows 10 pocket PC really means it, being even smaller than the smallest notebooks.

This PC can do most of the things a regular laptop can do, as long as the processing requirements aren’t too demanding.

But searching the web, using Microsoft Office tools like Word, and playing music are all possible with this DIY PC.

Learn more about the device here.

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